Birds are flying over my head

  • Author: Ashr
  • Category: Youth
  • Reference: Best of Collections

You cant keep the birds from flying over your head,

but you can sure keep them from building a nest in your hair!

What we think or the way we think can either steer us towards a positive and productive life or a negative and destructive path. When our thoughts are bad, everything else in life simply becomes bad. Though we try to maintain positive thoughts all the time, there are times when negative thoughts strike us. And when they do, they can sometimes grow wild and conquer our whole mind. At such times, the positive state of our mind seems to be out of reach. Most of us have felt that at one time or another as such thoughts are universal among humans.

Bad or negative thoughts are like birds flying over our head. What i too feel is that, we cannot stop those thoughts fly over our head. But it is 100% possible that we can sure keep them from resting and building a nest in our hair.

 If we allow them to rest on our head, It happens that they build a nest and positive state of our mind. Such thinking is just like a leak in our confidence bucket - constantly drip-drip-dripping away our confidence. we have to Clear such type of thoughts by thinking opposite thoughts. E.g.forgiveness instead of hate, goodwill/feeling happy for others success and taking practical action for our own success instead of envy etc.

Bad qualities must also be identified and changed. Otherwise they ruin our life in the same way.
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