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Unknown Artist

A B Simpson

A H Ackley

A R Cousin

A. R. Stevenson

Aaron Shust

Albert E. Brumley

Albert Midlane

Albert Orsborn

Alex Stewart

Alexcenah Thomas

Alfred B Smith

Alfred Vine

Amelia Matilda Hull


Andrew Reed

Andy Shaw

Anil Kant

Anna Hudson

Anna L. Waring

Anna Olander tr

Annie Johnson Flint

Annie L James

Annie Sherwood Hawkes


Arabella C Hankey

Arthur C. Ainger

Arthur T Pearson

Augustus M. Toplady

Avis M Burgeson

B B McKinney

B Mansell Ramsey

Benjamin R. Hanby

Billy Funk

Bob Fitts

Bonnie Deuschle

Bro. Anil Kumar

Bruce Ballinger

C Austin Miles

C Booth Clibborn

C C Luther

C F Butler

C H Gabriel

C H Morris

C J Butler

C W Fry

C.H. Norris

C.H. Norris

Carol Sampson

Carol Sampson

Caroline Maria Noel

Catherine Winkworth

Cecil Frances Alexander

Charitie L. Bancroft

Charles B J Root

Charles Edward Mudie

Charles H Gabriel

Charles Price Jones

Charles Silvester Horne

Charles Wesley

Charlie Hall

Charmaine Ford

Chris Bowater

Chris Tomlin

Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti

Clara Scott

Cleland McAfee

Colin N Peckham

Colin Sterne

Constance B Reid

Cornelius Elven

Craig Musseau

D W Whittle

D Wood

Daniel W Whittle

Danny Daniel

Darlene Zschech

Dave Billington

Dave Fellingham

Dave Garrett

David Fellingham

David Hadden

DGS Dhinakaran

Don Moen

Dora Greenwell

Dorothy A. Thrupp

Doug Horley

E C W Boulton

E E Rexford

E E S Elliott

E F Miller

E H Hopkins

E H Swinstead

E M Govan

E Margaret Clarkson

E May Grimes

E Mote

E Page

E R Latta

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