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We have this treasure in jars

    • We have this treasure in jars of clay. 
    • For all our frailty, You have entrusted us 
    • To shine Your goodness 
    • And life throughout the nations. 
    • We may be pressed hard from every side, 
    • But we will not be crushed, 
    • Your hope will strengthen us. 
    • And when the hard times squeeze so tight, 
    • May they release more 
    • Of the fragrance of Jesus. 

    • And let Your glory shine, 
    • O let Your glory shine. 
    • O let Your glory shine 
    • Through our lives, by Your grace, 
    • May we overflow with Jesus. 

    • May we shine like, may we shine like, 
    • May we shine like stars in the darkness. 
    • May we shine like, may we shine like, 
    • May we shine like stars. 

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  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Doug Horley, Language: English, Viewed: 569 times

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