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We never need be vanquished

    • We never need be vanquished, 
    • we never need give in, 
    • though waging war with Satan, 
    • and compassed round by sin. 
    • Temptations will beset us, 
    • allurements oft assail, 
    • but in the name of Jesus 
    • we shall, we must prevail. 

    • God wills not that His people 
    • by sin enthralled should be, 
    • but that their lives, as ransomed, 
    • be lives of victory; 
    • and so at our disposal 
    • He places all His power, 
    • that we from its resources 
    • may draw in danger‟s hour. 

    • Herein is hid the secret 
    • of an all-glorious life 
    • whereby we conquer Satan, 
    • and rise above sin‟s strife. 
    • Abiding in the Saviour, 
    • self prostrate in the dust, 
    • we live to do His bidding 
    • in glad perpetual trust. 

    • We in ourselves are nothing, 
    • a small and feeble host, 
    • nor have we aught of prowess 
    • wherein to make our boast. 
    • Our stronghold is Christ Jesus, 
    • His grace alone we plead, 
    • His name our shield and banner, 
    • Himself, just all we need. 

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  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: W A Garratt, Language: English, Viewed: 1040 times

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