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The blackness of my sin

    • The blackness of my sin, 
    • overwhelming me, 
    • I grasp through the darkness, 
    • for something to guide me 
    • Falling, falling, down on my knees 
    • When Your light came along, 
    • and shone on me 

    • You stripped me off my blackness 
    • Jesus, You made me white 
    • Your blood so pure and holy 
    • Reached a wretched soul like me 

    • It doesn't matter now, if I don't know, 
    • Where exactly I'm going, 
    • it's all gonna lead me to 
    • Jesus, Jesus, who picked me up 
    • He's taking me home, to be his child 

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Kar Ling Ho, Language: English, Viewed: 552 times