Find out what the most explosive thing on Earth is!!

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It broke a heart, spoilt a relationship, and devastated a family. It ditched the kings, betrayed the wise and upset the Governments. It‟s 
the highway to hell, the subway to frustration and the central way to self- destruction. It‟s the sword in a murderer‟s hand; acid in the stalkers hand. It‟s the blade on the gossipers tongue; the attitude of a crooked boss. It comes like a hissing coal from HELL. The emotion is captured in a five letter word A-N-G-E-R!!! 

This five letter word has caused more damage to the world, than all other human emotions put together. Ironically it is one of the most important and thoughtful GIFTS God has given us. A GIFT? I can almost hear some ask that question in amazement. Well, think of it this way, every emotion given, by our Heavenly Father is for us to experience life in its fullest form. But whenever we display these emotions at the wrong time, in the wrong way, with the wrong motive – it binds us instead of liberating us. 

Think about it for a second, what would happen, if we were created without this noble emotion in us. A large number of our noble endeavors would have remained un-achieved. 

Here‟s the Check List – Without anger: 
Our independence would have remained unclaimed 
Our rights would be under assault 
Our realities would remain dreams 

It was the RIGHT anger that brought revolutions, abolished superstitious ideologies, and established equality. Thank God for ANGER! 

Anger is like a two-way lane, when you drive on the right side you are safe, but when you drive on the wrong side of the lane, both you 
and the traffic coming towards you, will be in trouble. 

f there is anyone who deserves to get angry, if there is any rightful, unselfish & just anger in the world, it‟s only God‟s anger. He is the creator of everything we see, touch and feel. He is the owner; we are the workers. He is the Creator, we are just 
imitators. He is the Judge; we are the trespassers. Well, the last line explains away my point. We who are created in His Image went against His standards and brought His anger on ourselves, anger that was RIGHT. 

The creatures hurt the creator; workers violated the owner. Finite beings rebelled against the Infinite God. But unlike you and me who vent our anger on others, He did not vent his anger on us. Instead, He took on Himself, the anger that should have fallen on us when He sent His Son to die for our punishment on the cross. 

Are you angry because you‟ve been hurt? Are you angry because you have been deprived of something? Are you angry that you have been betrayed? Are you angry because you‟ve been rejected? Then, take a deep look at the cross where the danger of Sin and the anger of God fell on Jesus Christ. It is in the Cross of Christ alone that you will find Peace and answers to all your anger related issues. Let this God, who was hurt, rejected and betrayed, for you, heal you of your hurts and betrayals.