A Classroom of Angels

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A Pastor was speaking about prayer being taken out of public schools. First he said; I get alot of mail taking about God being kicked out of school . Let me tell you, if there is any kicking to be done, God will be the one doing all the kicking. When a Christian child is dropped off at school,God does not abandoned them at the front door.

Let me read you a letter from a third grade elementary school teacher. The sum of the letter was as follows;......Last school year, her classroom was made up mostly of children from broken / abusive homes, and in some cases even worse.

Her heart bled for these kids and before the new 1999-2000 school year started, she and her husband went to her classroom and prayed over each desk in the room. They prayed that God would place an angel behind each and every child throughout the coming year to watch over them and protect them, at home and in school .

About a month or so after the school year had started she gave the kids an assignment to write about what they would like to be when they grew up. Everybody was busy with his or her assignment, when little Andrew raised his hand. When she asked him what he needed, he asked how to spell mighty.

After telling him how to spell mighty, she asked him why he needed to know, and Andrew said it was because when he grew up he wanted to be a mighty man of God. When he said this, another little boy, named Mark, who was sitting next to him asked, ..... Whats a mighty man of God ?

So Andrew said: Its a man who puts on the armor of God and is a soldier for God.

The teacher started to walk away, when Andrew motioned with his little forefinger for her to come closer. He whispered to her, asking if she believed in angels? She told him yes, she did. Then he asked her if she thought people could see angels? She said; I think some people probably could. Andrew said; I see lots of angels, I see angels following each kid to and from school everyday.........some of the Mommies and Daddies don’t have angels, they have real scary things following them around.

The Pastor said; Lets stop telling our children that God is not with them in school, and spend a little more time telling them the truth, instead of what Satan wants them to hear.