The Bible

  • Author: Kondepogu.Daniel Prabhakar
  • Category: Articles
  • Reference: Sajeeva Vahini Volume 2 Issue 3 Feb-Mar 2012

The aim of the bible is not to Christianize people,

But to spiritualize people as Adams ate the forbidden Apple.

The aim is not to show religious path,

But to reveal us the greatest love and truth.

The aim is not merely to bless you in your country,

But to give you heaven with free entry.

It speaks of separation to be united with God,

It condemns bad and relates us to our heavenly Dad.

It displays the ways how to dispel,

Your sins through the gospel.

It labels you and enables you,

To worship the Lord though you are not a Jew.

It is the incarnation of god’s word,

Pierces into … as a double edges sword.

It is a Biography with bundle of sermons,

The heaven’s geography and Lords canons.

It is full of parables and a mass of miracle,

Beyond comparable and empirical.

Bible in hand never takes you to heaven,

Bible in mind puts you among the chosen brethren.